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Re: tlug: Re: help in linoyx Red Hat 6.00

Xairete Kostas,

On Sat, Nov 06, 1999 at 09:14:36PM -0800, Chris Sekiya wrote:
> > I have a server in linoux Red Hat 6.00 in
> <> and in this server i want to
> install another virtual server in <>
> and another <> do you know how

To clarify Chris' summary:

> * Set up IP aliasing so that eth0:1 binds to's IP, eth0:2
>   binds to, etc.

This may not be necessary, and we don't all have IPs to spare. (Well, I
do, at present, but that's another story.)

At the moment, amanooro and kassinakis don't appear to have DNS entries.
Therefore, the easiest way to proceed would be to get Otenet, the ISP in
charge of amanooro, and whoever sets up kassinakis, to set the IP for and to be the same as

There are arguments for having an IP for each site, but if all you're doing
is serving web pages, I personally wouldn't bother. I don't think it's
worth the extra hassle.

If you want to do things the hard way, ask me again. :)

So, you can ignore that, and go on to this:

> * Use the VirtualHost facility in Apache's httpd.conf to bind separate
>   virtual servers to the respective IPs.

Your httpd.conf should end up something like this:

Port 80

DocumentRoot /path/to/cottonon/site

DocumentRoot /path/to/kassinakis/site

DocumentRoot /path/to/amanooro/site

> * Secure his server.

There's some basic security in place on that server; I'm not going to
post a summary of problems with it to the group at large. Feel free
to contact directly for more hints. However, in general, turn off 
anything you don't want anyone to get to, then filter everything that
is for your use only.

You forgot:

 * Join HelLUG. (


Any problems, feel free to email me - Greek is OK.

Hope this helps,

I'm sick and tired of people installing me, using me, and even upgrading me.
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