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Re: tlug: Gnome Problems

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From: Dennis McMurchy <>
To: Tokyo Lignux Abusers' Group <>
Sent: November 4, 1999 3:15 AM
Subject: tlug: Gnome Problems

>   I mentioned this problem a long time ago, and no one seemed to have
> anything much to say about it.  It just started happening again for
> no apparent reason that I can think of, so I'll mention it again.
>   I boot RH6.0 to a character login, login and then do 'startx' to
> start up the GUI.  This last step normally takes 15 or 20 seconds to
> complete.  But when this "problem" occurs, the GUI startup hangs for
> 30 seconds or so at several different stages, so that the whole
> process takes 3 or 4 minutes, which, of course, seems like an eternity.


    This sounds very much like a problem I had.  Are you running
Enlightenment?  I was using Gnome version 1.0.4? and Enlightenment 0.16.  I
solved the problem be upgrading Gnome to the current version, 1.0.53?  And
then the problem went away.

    I had Redhat start up X at startup so I haven't seem the error messages
you posted, so it might be a different problem.  But the slow start up and
the "log-out" not working are the same.

    Everything has worked great since then.


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