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Re: tlug: kinput2

>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Cozens <> writes:

    >> kinput2-canna-v3-2JRPM60.i386.rpm
    >> kinput2-canna-wnn4-v3-2JRPM60.i386.rpm
    >> kinput2-canna-wnn6-v3-2JRPM60.i386.rpm
    >> kinput2-wnn4-v3-2JRPM60.i386.rpm
    >> kinput2-wnn6-v3-2JRPM60.i386.rpm

    Simon> Which one of these you want depends on what kanji
    Simon> conversion engine you are using. For me, it would be the
    Simon> first one, since I don't have wnn.

There's no harm to picking one or the other of the Canna + Wnn
engines if you don't have all the FEP servers running, and it's not
too much extra space in the executable.

I would go with -canna-wnn6- because there's not much benefit to Wnn4
vis-a-vis Canna, but Wnn6 is said to be a big win (although ATOK is
coming soon, I hear, and that's an even bigger win).

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