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Re: tlug: kinput2

On Tue, Nov 02, 1999 at 12:51:08PM -0800, Naoki Saito wrote:
> kinput2-canna-v3-1JRPM60.ppc.rpm
> kinput2-canna-wnn4-v3-1JRPM60.ppc.rpm
> kinput2-canna-wnn6-v3-1JRPM60.ppc.rpm
> kinput2-wnn4-v3-1JRPM60.ppc.rpm
> kinput2-wnn6-v3-1JRPM60.ppc.rpm

These are for a Power PC. I'm guessing you don't want any of them.
You can tell by the extension `ppc.rpm'

> kinput2-v3-2JRPM60.src.rpm

This is a source RPM. I tend to religiously build things from source
in preference to downloading binary RPMs, but it defeats the object
a little. So I'm guessing you don't want that either.

> kinput2-canna-v3-2JRPM60.i386.rpm
> kinput2-canna-wnn4-v3-2JRPM60.i386.rpm
> kinput2-canna-wnn6-v3-2JRPM60.i386.rpm
> kinput2-wnn4-v3-2JRPM60.i386.rpm
> kinput2-wnn6-v3-2JRPM60.i386.rpm

Which one of these you want depends on what kanji conversion engine
you are using. For me, it would be the first one, since I don't have

Hope this helps.

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