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tlug: [report] gnome bof

>>>>> "juhp" == Jens-Ulrik Petersen <> writes:

    juhp> There was a number of questions, and after a break unrelated
    juhp> to gnome Morioka San explained about the UTF-2000 project
    juhp> basically some multilingual unicode support for XEmacs 21
    juhp> (available at patches).

chotto chigaimasu.  Unicode support is already available as a Lisp
package for XEmacs (ucs-coding, or something like that).  This
requires C-level support, which is standard in the 21.2 beta series,
and is available for 21.1.x (the current release) but may not be
compiled into your favorite distribution's version.

UTF-2000 is a project to change the internal encoding used by XEmacs
(and maybe Emacs too) to UTF-8.  A little birdy tells me that this is
going to be integrated into the 21.2 mainline in the near future,
perhaps with fixed width 2-byte (Unicode) and 4-byte (UCS-4/UTF-32)
buffers as optimizations.  With any luck you'll see it in a 21.3
release in 2d Q 2000, along with massively rationalized Mule support.

Both ucs-coding and UTF-2000 are (c) MORIOKA Tomohiko Productions, as
you say.  ;-)

    juhp> It was nice to meet Manuel Chakravarty (ETL) there and Steve
    juhp> Baur was also present.

Steve is at ETL; Manu is at Tsukuba Dai.

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