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TLUG Akiba Tour (was RE: tlug: pcmcia-cs 3.1.3)

At 17:17 99/10/27 +0900, you wrote:
> >PS: The Akihabara tour was great but I think I already forgot some of the
> >places... What about a map in the TLUG site?

> That wouldn't be a bad idea...  Would it Alberto?  But then again someone
> has to do it...;-)  I'd be willing to help...  Unfortunately my internet
> connection has some "limitations..;-)"

Kitano-san already sent me a list of shops, including those that we had
to skip due to time limitations. I'll post it here as soon as I sort it

> But I wonder if such a site (Linux orientated parts shops in
> Akihabara) doesn't exist already (in Japanese)?

AFAIK, there are sites with maps showing shops for PC parts, but none
is Linux oriented. In this aspect, even the list I'm about to compile
based on the information Kitano-san sent me isn't Linux specific.
In this case, I think no virtual tour could substitute what we did
last Saturday, as it was the knowledge of all participants together
-- previous experience with a given hardware, reading the Linux HOWTOs
and magazines articles -- that made it worthy.

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