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Re: tlug: Why group-per-user? [was: ""]

>>>>> "Shimpei" == Shimpei Yamashita <> writes:

    >> What!!?!  You mean they're not checking them into CVS over ssh?
    >> Horrors!

    Shimpei> Ah, but what account are they logging into with ssh? (If
    Shimpei> you answer "shared account," you die.)

Ah, that wasn't my point ;-)

It's obviously true that ACL is the right way to go for flexibility.

For the application you're talking about, I think newgrp would be
satisfactory in 99% of the cases as long as students' UMASKs were
0077.  They set the group and mode on the shared directory, and give
the password to their partner.  You could even be reasonably secure
(security through obscurity) with multiple partners having the
password as long as your home directory is mode 0700 and you have
separate directories (with strange names) for each buddy with mode
0770, and the relevant files are mode 0770.  Of course, you want to
change the password every term ;-)

You could also have a SUID script that adds and deletes users to a
given user's personal group, but don't ask me to guarantee
correctness ;-)

    Shimpei> I haven't missed ACL for the last few years, but that's
    Shimpei> only because I had root on all the machines I had been
    Shimpei> using.

Coda ( has ACLs and a lot of other neat features
for the application you are talking about it.

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