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Re: tlug: Why group-per-user? [was: ""]

You(Stephen J. Turnbull) wrote:
> >>>>> "Shimpei" == Shimpei Yamashita <> writes:
>     Shimpei> Incidentally, this is where having an ACL is really nice;
> [snip]
>     Shimpei> royal PITA for a college campus network admin to have to
>     Shimpei> create new groups every time CS101 class partners want to
>     Shimpei> share files among each other and no one else--and, worse,
>     Shimpei> delete them afterwards in a safe way.
> What!!?!  You mean they're not checking them into CVS over ssh?  Horrors!

Ah, but what account are they logging into with ssh? (If you answer
"shared account," you die.) Assuming you give them separate accounts,
who gives those separate accounts, and only those separate accounts,
write privilege on those CVS directories? We're back to the same

I haven't missed ACL for the last few years, but that's only because I
had root on all the machines I had been using. 

Shimpei Yamashita   山下晋平      <>
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