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Re: tlug: Japanese emails and jlatex under RedHat 6.1

Matt Gushee <> writes:

> Jens-Ulrik Petersen writes:
>  > It works pretty well.  Though if you are planning to do a lot of
>  > Japanese LaTeX I should warn that I had trouble getting xdvi to
>  > display Japanese, though ghostview is ok.
> This applies only to ASCII JTeX/pTeX. Both NTT-JTeX and CJK produce
> output that is readable with any recent xdvi.

The problem with the pTeX xdvi was TrueType related.

Today I updated to VFlib2-2.24.2-7jrpm.i386.rpm just now and now there 
is no problem.

[Fyi before I was getting the following error:
xdvi.bin: error in loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: TT_Init_FreeType

>  > I'll second Simon's recommendation of using CJK-TeX, although it's an
>  > ugly hack. ;-)

Probably that's the reason I never tried it, but since I don't do that
much TeXing in Japanese it might satisfy my needs.  On the other hand
I guess you can't use Japanese class and style files with the CJK
package. ;-) I was always under the impression that the CJK package
was more for embedding CJK text inside European documents than for
pure SE Asian documents.  But if you wish to mix C, J and K inside
LaTeX then I guess it's the only way to go until a multilingual TeX is
available.  It really is the age for internationalisation and

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