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Re: tlug: RequirDrivered wrote:

nitin> 1) Is it possible to use my printer 1000Lw to print
nitin>    English characters.

It should be possible as long as you got driver to control it.
It's not a problem wheather the printer is "Japanese" printer
or not since you probably don't use fonts which comes with
printer nowadays - they're almost always handled as a bitmap.

# And since it's a WPS, the printer itself probably doesn't
# even have a single font in it - everything is done by the
# software driver that comes with the printer, using host
# machine's CPU and memory.

nitin> 2) How can I use the printer supporting windows printing
nitin>    system to work in Linux
nitin> 3) How can I use my printer Nec 1000 Lw with RH Linux.
nitin>    Can anyone give me any driver which can make this printer work.

You can't. Why do you think these printers are called "Windows"
printing system? Unless someone has done a reverse-engineering
to figure out how to handle this proprietary WPS protocol (and
written a driver), you are out of luck.

There seems be no driver/filter which handles NEC's protocol,
so the only chance for you is to try driver which works with
other company's WPS (there's one for HP, albeit very limited
in functionality), and see if it works with yours.

# Since all NEC's inkjets are OEM from HP, it might as well can
# be said with laser printers.

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