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Re: tlug: "strings" for Java class files

Hirotaka Yoshioka wrote:
> Does anybody send me the source code of 'strings'? I suppose
> it is not a large program.
> >     Hirotaka> Can we write a SJIS version of 'strings'?
> > No.
> I think 'no' is too strong word but not impossible. You need to make
> some dirty hack :-)

While not the same as the "strings" program in that it's special use, I
have a strings program that:

1) works with Java class files (they are internally coded in a modified
2) is 100% reliable (because class files specify the difference between
strings and other stuff unambiguously (even works with so-called
"obscufiated" (unless the strings are internally encrypted) classes-- so
it never prints garbage.

3) prints Japanese (and Chinese and Korean-- but only the characters
that are in common with J, of course)

There are many that do #1 and #2, but I don't know of any out there on
the net that do #3.

If someone's interested in it, let me know, and I'll put it somewhere
under GPL. (C source, embarrassingly sloppy-- I used the program as a
self-exercise to familiarize myself with the class file format)
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