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Re: tlug: "Linux myths"

>>>>> "Manu" == Manuel M T Chakravarty <> writes:

    Manu> Matt Gushee <> wrote,
    >> Adrian D. Havill writes:
    >> > problems are not due to incompetence by MS's elite
    >> development staff > (they got the money to hire whomever they
    >> want after all)
    >> Oh, yeah? I'd like to see them try to hire RMS, Eric Raymond,
    >> Larry Wall, Jamie Zawinski ...

    Manu> They are said to have tried on Alan Cox...and failed :-)

On what terms? is the question.  I'm sure that they could hire Eric if 
he were allowed to GPL anything he laid his eyes on.  Eric doesn't bear
grudges ;-)

They might even thank him in the end ;-)

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