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tlug: "Linux myths"

What interesting times we live in! Reminds me of that (apocryphal?)
Chinese curse.

I had to laugh where they listed Unisys among the companies that
promise 99.9% uptime. I recently spent a few months at a major
insurance company where Unisys was in charge of NT deployment and
system support. Well, for all I know the servers may be up 99.9% of
the time, but maybe somebody forgot to tell them the client machines
were supposed to work, too. Let's just say it was worse than a

Adrian D. Havill writes:

 > problems are not due to incompetence by MS's elite development staff
 > (they got the money to hire whomever they want after all)

Oh, yeah? I'd like to see them try to hire RMS, Eric Raymond, Larry
Wall, Jamie Zawinski ...

Matt Gushee
Portland, Maine, USA
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