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Re: [Fwd: tlug: vine]


I am a programer who has experience more than 15 years to
do some software localization (Japanization/Asianzation) and 

Scott Stone wrote:
> "Stephen J. Turnbull" wrote:
> > Debian doesn't really have a JP version anymore; most JP stuff is
> > getting integrated into the main distributions now.  That seems to be
> > the goal.  However, that has to fit into the Debian
> > internationalization framework, and will take time.  In the long run,
> > I would bet that Debian is better internationalized; Japanese
> > distributions have historically been inward looking.  However, in the
> > short term, Vine will be better integrated (every so often I find that
> > ill-chosen version-numbering by the Debian JP people forces me to say
> > uninstall and reinstall all of X in order to get an i18n
> > reimplementation of features originally developed for Japanese) from
> > the point of view of Japanese usage.
> THIS I must see.  Having pulled my hair out many a time at PHT over,
> "The japanese patch to (package) has rendered it completely useless for
> anyone ELSE besides the Japanese" (example: pine-jp converts European
> accent marks/etc into kanji) and the ever-popular "Ulrich doesn't give a
> rat's a** about Japanese and rightly so since the Japanese glibc patch
> is, well, a pile of rat sh**" problem... apparently there's some
> compatibility issues with glibc 2.1 vs nihongo, but I haven't delved
> into the details of that one yet (no longer my problem, thankfully).

I think the issues on Japanese patch are
1) The code itself is not so good.
2) The programer which made the patch is not experienced with
the internationalization
3) He/she does not care the importance of the merge into
the baseline. He/she does not understand well the importance.

You can add 101 reasons.

> Then again, maybe the Debian folks can talk some sense into the Japanese
> patch maintainers or what have you.  I'm hoping that will be the case.

If the right person do the right thing, the core group accepts it.

I think the Debian-jp people does the right thing.

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