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RE: tlug: Time for action

On 28-Nov-98 Christopher Sekiya wrote:
> (yes, I've crossposted to all three mailing lists.  Flame
> away.) 

fizzle phfft

> If TLUG is to survive, we need an executive committee.  Right
> now, there are but two members left: Ken Harada and Jim S.  I
> move that Ken assume the duties of TLUG president until a
> general election can be held.


> I further move that Jim S assume the duties of TLUG
> vice-president until a general election can be held.

Hey, I can't second that, can I? :)
> If the December technical meeting is to take place, it needs a
> place to happen. 

I just updated the meeting page to reflect this, and added a
note of thanks to Joe and HSBC for their past efforts.

Thanks Joe!


Jim S. 

I'd rather be a node in a network
 Then a cog in the gear of a machine.
A node is involved with things to resolve,
 While a cog must mesh with cogs in between.
Next Technical Meeting: 12 December, 12:30 HSBC Securities Office
Next Nomikai: 15 January 1999, 19:30 Tengu TokyoEkiMae 03-3275-3691
more info: Sponsors: PHT, HSBC Securities

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