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tlug: TLUG introduced on Software Design (July 1998)

Hi All,

TLUG is now instroduced on Software Design, a Japanese
"Networking and Powercomputing" magazine, July 1998
issue published today.  See page 161, Mr. Hane has
included full introduction of ourselves in his column
"Linux News".  I think this is our second major
exposure (next to Unix Magazine a month ago) to Japanese
PC-UNIX community.

Ken Harada
Hayama, Japan
Member of:
	Internet Mutual Aid Society of Yokohama (IMASY)
	Tokyo Linux Users Group (TLUG)
Next Nomikai: 17 July, 19:30 Tengu TokyoEkiMae 03-3275-3691
Next Meeting: 8 August, Tokyo Station Yaesu central gate 12:30
*** 20 June: TLUG will be at the Tokyo Linux Fair
Sponsor: PHT, makers of TurboLinux

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