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tlug: Donation made to JLUG

a 15,000 yen donation was made to JLUG today from TLUG.  
In additional to sponsoring development projects that help every
Linux user in Japan, JLUG is allowing us to use the
domain.  Thanks to everyone at TLUG who have contributed to the 
group and enabled us to make the first small donation to the Japan 
Linux Users' Group.  Hopefully, we will be able to continue to
show our support for JLUG.

Additional discussions concerning fund allocation, including 
breakdowns of the money we collected are being discussed in
tlug-admin.  There is an archive of tlug-admin available both
by e-mail and from the web.  We're discussing possible allocation
of funds for a larger disk drive for a more comprehensive FTP
archive.  We're also discussing possible purchase of a CD burner
so that we can burn CDs and distribute them at meetings.   

We've committed funds to pay PSI for initial JPNIC routing information

Other than that, we're looking for an open discussion in
tlug-admin on a clear definition of TLUG goals and the most effective use
of funds to reach these goals.  We're defining a member as
anyone that is subscribed to the main TLUG mailing list.  The
server, library, funds, and everything else belongs to everyone
and should be used for the shared goals of everyone.   

Every TLUG member can start and moderate an eVote poll on the
main TLUG list.   


Craig Oda (my PGP)

Next Nomikai: 17 July, 19:30 Tengu TokyoEkiMae 03-3275-3691
Next Meeting: 8 August, Tokyo Station Yaesu central gate 12:30
*** 20 June: TLUG will be at the Tokyo Linux Fair
Sponsor: PHT, makers of TurboLinux

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