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tlug: comments on election of TLUG officers

at the last meeting, Joe Marchak, Ken Harada, John Little, and
Jim Schweizer were elected as TLUG officers.  

The officers can affect the group for such things as allocation
of finances, resources, and setting direction.  While, it is 
best to open all votes up to all members on the mailing list, this
is logistically difficult.  We can give it a try though.  However,
at the last meeting, I went out to buy some chips and refreshments
with TLUG funds.  For things like this, it is better to get
immediate voting.  

Perhaps more important is that we don't have good software to
allow proper voting.  E-mail voting can be fine, but in the
past, we have not had too much success by using e-mail.  Also,
everyone is busy and usually just like to concentrate on the 
tech.  :-)

Due to the rapid expansion of the group and the desire for
more focused projects, I put out nominations on the mailing
list a few months ago.  Since there was limited response, I
brought up the elections at the meeting.  One of the members
sent me private e-mail, saying that elections should be
held in the public on IRC or e-mail.  I agree with this in
theory. However, it is difficult to implement in practice.  
Raising hands at a meeting is rapid and efficient.   

Feel free to send me comments by private e-mail if you don't
want to voice your objections on the list.  Pending
further objections, I will assume that people understand
that the club is growing at a rapid rate and will accept the
voting at the Feb meeting as a temporary procedure.   Meaning
that in 6 months we can vote again by a different procedure.

I also received private e-mail commenting that TLUG should work
toward becoming a larger, more established organization with
funding, etc.  To me, this meant that the person wanted TLUG
to become something like an AEA or an ACM.  As many of you
are aware, I've been a promoter of an organizational style 
resembling anarchy and took a bit of pride in promoting 
TLUG meetings as disorganized and free.  However, as the group
grows, we may want to have a different style.  I'm interested
in receiving comments on this.  Why not post them to this
list?  I've received excellent private e-mail about this and
feel this should be brought up to the entire group for

As proof that I'm flexible enough to move toward organization,
I would like to comment that the TLUG financial balance sheets
are being prepared by a professional financial analyst with
more than five years professional accounting experience.  
So, if we grow, we'll be able to track every yen as a matter
of public record.  I've posted the balance sheet on the web
for review.  

Remember, TLUG is your organization, so say what you think
and make it the organization that you want it to be.



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