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tlug: Debian upgrading

tlug note from Totoro <>
I've been experimenting with debian on a spare disk. So far, I've
been able to get the stable release of 1.3.1 installed. However,
I'm stumped about how to upgrade the whole package to something
like in the "hamm" directories. Seems like there should be some
relatively smooth way, but the docs just don't explain it. Any
of you out there well-versed on such matters? While I'm at it,
is there a decent set of Debian docs around? What I've seen to
date is rather skimpy, as in the stuff at I don't
think the organization needs to hold people's hands, but they
really could be a little more verbose....

Hachinohe Institute of Technology
88-1, Myo, Ohbiraki  Hachinohe-shi  Aomori-ken

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