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tlug: xemacs-20.2 vs. pixmaps

tlug note from "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
>>>>> "Totoro" == Totoro  <> writes:

    Totoro> OK, I'm starting to lose hair about this one. I compiled
    Totoro> xemacs-20.2 with-xpm and all, but can't run it due to:

"Can't run it" means

"bash$ xemacs
    Totoro> xemacs: X Error of failed request: BadPixmap (invalid Pixmap parameter)
    Totoro> Major opcode of failed request: 54 (X_FreePixmap)
    Totoro> Resource id in failed request: 0xbffff209
    Totoro> Serial number of failed request: 5336
    Totoro> Current serial number in output stream: 5378

No frame appears, there's no clear explanatory error message from
xemacs, no LISP backtrace?

Or do you mean none of the beautiful icons and splash screen are

    Totoro> is? The config file for xemacs says that it found xpm ok,
    Totoro> so I'm stumped.

I don't think that's your problem.  The reference to pixmaps does
_not_ necessarily implicate XPM.  XPM is an extension to handle
multi-color pixmaps; however, xbm is also a `pixmap' as far as the X
protocol is concerned.  Do you have enough virtual memory?  Do you
have any idea which pixmap is causing the problem?  Try running

		      xemacs -q --no-site-files

which keeps it from loading your .emacs and any other site-specific
stuff.  Try compiling --with-xpm=no (it should autodetect XPM).  Did you
install correctly, so that it can find its default pixmaps?

Also try on comp.emacs.xemacs.

There's been some traffic about 20.3 core-dumping at startup on HPUX
systems, but that started with beta-19 (rashii), and gives a LISP
traceback and all.

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