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Re: tlug: ISDN

tlug note from Jim Tittsler <>
On Tue, Sep 16, 1997 at 03:57:00PM +0000, Francks Trane (Tokyo PO) wrote:

> Really? Only 2,800? Or should that be 28,000 yen?

It partly depends on how much (if any) installation work needs to be
done at your end of the line.  If you have NTT do any wiring (like 
connecting a DSU), it will cost more.  It costs Y800 to get an ISDN
contract and anywhere from Y2000 to Y20000 to do the "installation."

> If it's really only 2,800 yen, perhaps I should consider
> retiring my Couriers after all....

If you have two standard phone lines you will find it cheaper to have
a single ISDN line (not counting TA/DSU costs :-).  Unfortunately,
telehodai costs more for ISDN than analog.  Lots of factors to weigh.

There are agents for NTT that can provide more information (in English
even :-) and handle the paperwork for NTT at no charge.  Browse or mail for examples.

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