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tlug: 9/17/97 KPCA reminder

tlug note from

           ***                                             ***med
           ***  Kansai Professional Computing Association  ***
           ***                                             ***

September MEETING:  Sept 17, 1997
                Check in at 6:45, speaker starts about 7:15
                Club KARMA, 5 min south of JR Osaka

SPEAKER:        Colin Mason, Mitsubishi Electric Corp
TOPIC:          Embedded Systems Solutions using a 32-bit RISC MCU

MEETING FEE:    1000 yen
                Cheap refreshments available.

Mr. Mason, Assistant Manager of the M32R Application Group, will discuss,
and present a 32-bit RISC processor with 2Mbytes DRAM which is being used
to provide digital cameras, information appliances, personal communication
devices and other fast growing portable and multimedia applications to
provide mind-boggling tricks, functions and features.

Don't miss it.

FLEA MARKET: ClarisWorks 4.0E for Windows-cheap, Mac IIsi 5,000yen, Mac
IIci-make offer,
DONATION REQUEST: A request of used/new Macintosh computer equipment for
the French School of Kansai.  Pull out your old SE/30, the unused HD, the
1MB RAM SIMMs, the old keyboard (even with a key missing-as it can be
repaired by volunteers), and lets get a computer lab up and running for
these young people.

__  Yes!  I plan to attend on Wednesday, Sept. 17 (Embedded Systems Solutions)
__  Oops, I'm busy on the 17th. Please keep me informed of future events.
__  I can probably attend on Wednesday, Oct. 22 (Blue Laser Diode)
__  I can probably attend on Wednesday, Nov. 19
__  I can probably attend on Wednesday, Dec. 17 (Artificial Intelligence)

__  Yes!  I am interested in speaking at a KPCA meeting.
        My proposed topic:

Next TLUG meeting is Saturday October 11, 1997
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