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RE: tlug: Aterm IT65Pro DSU

tlug note from "Francks Trane (Tokyo PO)" <>

Huw <> wrote:

> You're right, the baud rate between the host and the modem/DSU
> has nothing to do with it.

Good. Nice to see that I understand something.

> If you bought a LAN/ISDN connection, you may be getting
> connected directly to a PPP protocol  which is expecting you
> to authenticate yourself using CHAP or PAP, rather than

Multilink-PPP, according to rfc spec, requires PAP;
otherwise, it won't work. I do have a pap-secrets file
with the appropriate name/password.

> login using raw ASCII. In that case, you need to use
> pppd together with a chat script which simply hands off
> to pppd as soon as the CONNECT string appears.

Except that when you dial in with a modem, you can
log in manually. It would be perfect okay, for example,
to connect using minicom, exit to the shell, then fire
up pppd. I've also used the manual/clear-text-only
login style under NT's RAS. No problem with that.

> It could also be a partity / data bits / stop bits problem,

Nope. 8N1, no sweat.

> At the end of the day, just ask GOL what
> your setup should be. I wouldn't mention Linux,

GOL already knows I use Linux. That's, thankfully,
not an issue.

> unless they support it, since this problem isn't Linux
> specific anyway and vendors often use that as an
> excuse not to provide service. Just ask them for
> a clear description of the communications
> protocol for establishing the PPP link.

Have a perfectly working PPP link now, with IP forwarding,
IP masquerading, firewalling, and diald orchestrating the
whole affair. It works perfectly with a modem but not with
the TA/DSU.

I had thought, perhaps mistakenly, that changing to the
TA would be nothing more than swapping cables and
putting the appropriate init string in my chat script.
That now appears to have been a flawed assumption.

I'll check into it with GOL and see what they have to
say about the Aterm and compatibility issues.

Thanks for the suggestions.


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