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Re: tlug: Broken fs?

tlug note from "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
>>>>> "Chris" == Christopher Wiles <> writes:

    Chris> In a production environment I'd recommend to keep each
    Chris> partition on its own drive.  I've had plenty of drives
    Chris> experience mechanical failures (the worst offenders have
    Chris> been Western Digital IDE drives and *huge* Micropolis SCSI
    Chris> drives) -- rendering *all* partitions unreadable (or worse,
    Chris> randomly unreadable) on the failed drive.

I don't know the WD IDE drives, but I've had the Micropolis 2GB SCSI
drive fail once, and the replacement is making funny noises
occasionally :-(.  Too bad, because it's fast, relatively quiet, and
cool in my experience (but I'm comparing it to the old full height
Fujitsu 2266 drive and to some high spindle speed WD drives colleagues
are using).

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