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Re: tlug: shiver me timbers - Japanese!

tlug note from Shige Abe <>

> Let me preface this by saying I have NOT installed the J-E
> extensions on my present Slackware set-up: no jserver, never
> installed k14.tgz - nothing. So of course, I never bothered to
> try reading Nihongo web pages on Linux.

>From what I know, the X distribution comes default with a variety of
fonts.  These include Japanse and Roman fonts (and maybe Chinese and
Korean as well)

When installing X under Slackware, do you remember installing the big or
large font package?  These include Japanese fonts.
> What IS going on here? How can Netscape display the Japanese
> character set when I never installed it? Will Netscape magically
> display Cyrillic if I visit the KGB home page?

In /usr/X11/lib/X11/fonts/misc you can check out what you have

- gb*.pcf.Z      Chinese fonts
- hangl*.pcf.Z   Korean fonts
- jiskan*.pcf.Z  Japanese fonts
- k14.pcf.Z      Another Japanes font

Also you can look at fonts.alias and fonts.dir to see how aliases
correspond to the real names and which file has the font.

Cyrillic fonts are a separate package... so its unlikely you have it

Hope this helped:

Shige Abe
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