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Re: tlug: shiver me timbers - Japanese!

tlug note from Jason Molenda <>
> tlug note from Jim Schweizer <>

> What IS going on here? How can Netscape display the Japanese
> character set when I never installed it? Will Netscape magically
> display Cyrillic if I visit the KGB home page? 

You have some kanji/kana fonts installed, clearly.  I would not be
at all surprised in k14 et al were in the standard Xfree86 or MetroX

On win32 platforms, I have heard that MS actually includes Japanese
fonts with Internet Explorer so that you can look at Japanese web pages
w/o necessarily running a Japanese version of the OS.  (I assume you
have to get a Japanese version of the browser for this font to be

Jim S wrote in another letter:

> The problem is with certain mailing list software -notably
> Listserv. If you check the header of this mail you'll see the
> return address as but the sender is

Just a guess--take a look at your /etc/hosts and see if you have any
names listed for  Maybe some part of your mail system is
trying to map the hostname to an IP# and is deciding that your loopback
is your IP#?  I  don't think you need anything in /etc/hosts for your
loopback interface, although usually it is called "localhost".

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