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Re: tlug: FWD to SCSI-2

tlug note from "Andrew S. Howell" <>
>>>>> "joem" == joem  <> writes:

    joem> I've been trying to use IBM 4.3Gb Fast Ultra's (SCSI-2 type,
    joem> but I think they get called SCSI-3) on different equipment.
    joem> So far everything has been fine (Linux PC's, Sun Sparc
    joem> 2/5/20's, and the HP 9000 Single-Ended SCSI bus) except when
    joem> I tried to hook them up to the HP 9000 Fast Wide
    joem> Differential (68 pin) bus.  Then they don't get recognized
    joem> properly even with a recommended connector.  Does anyone
    joem> know how to hook up to FWD?

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that
you can ruin the drive and/or the interface card if you connect
non-differential to differential equipment....

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