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tlug: Fast/Ultra SCSI compatibility

tlug note from "Francis Brian O'Carroll" <>
Silly question perhaps, but I have not been able to find the answer on the

If I have an ultra scsi interface can I attatch fast scsi peripherals to it?
(Ultra scsi is rated at 20 Mbyte/s, fast scsi at 10 Mbyte/s)

If so, and the scsi bus has both a new ultra scsi disk and an old
fast scsi disk, say, does the slower device slow down all other devices
on the same scsi bus?

And what about wide scsi vs normal scsi. I know that there are different
numbers of pins on the cables, but can normal scsi devices be attatched
to wide scsi or ultra wide scsi interfaces, and if so, is there any
downside to doing so?

Frank O'Carroll @ dreaming of a new linux box
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