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tlug: Re: Introduction to Home Page maintenance

tlug note from (HARUNA, Takaaki)
At 5:56 PM 4/7/97, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> Hi all.
Hi, Sir.

> I've been asked to give a lecture to our incoming graduate students on
> creating and maintaining a personal home page.  The lecture notes are
> available at for
> the curious.  They were written in Linuxdoc-SGML 1.5, which is a big
> improvement over 1.4.  Source will be available once I'm satisfied
> with the notes.  Any comments would be appreciated.

I'm a new graduate student and I will take your class at 1st term.

> One thing that is really lacking in the current draft is suggestions
> about software.  I use Mule+RCS+Linuxdoc-SGML, but that's probably not
> going to make most of our grad students happy.  Any suggestions for
> Mac or Windows (yargh) software that is free, cheap, or an add-on to
> common software (eg, a macro package for Word) would be very welcome.
> TIA.

I suggest some applications for writing HTML on MacOS/Win95.
for MacOS;
1) Jedit(freeware)
        Jedit is a very useful text editer soft.
        It can convert Kanji-code(EUC, JIS, SJIS).
        And easy to search and replace character strings.
        in MacPUB.

both MacOS and Win95/NT;
2)Netscape Communicator
        Communicator can edit HTML and handle CSS1 and Dynamic Style Sheets

        PageMill is very useful and helpful for writing HTML.
        in MacPUB.

HARUNA, Takaaki

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