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Re: tlug: Mac/PC/Unix -->WinNT

tlug note from "Yuri F. Anissimov" <>

> --------------------------------------------------------
> Has anyone else read April 1997's BYTE?
> It knocked me out!!!
> There is a company called citrix (www.citrix.byte)
> which allows a variety of clients (inluding Dumb terminals/Mac/Unix/95)
> run WinNT environment.
> The article was *really good*!!!
> Breif summary:
> You can use a 386 with 1 meg to connect to WinNT.
> 20 users can connect to a pentium pro with 64 megs (each user gets a 
> personal environment).
> NT has multi processing built in, and Citrix's WinFrame software extends 
> it to multi-users!
> Has anyone tried it?
> Anyone getting rid of some old PC's?

I downloaded DEMO and tried it, so what?

you have to pay $6000 for 15 client license - it is better to spend money
on additional memory for older 486 or just to buy new boxes - 3-4 for the
price. And ... if anybody will explain me how do Microsoft RPC work... and
why it takes so long to make a clustering solution for NT if, as they
claim, it is all pretty standard and well documented.

Thanks for the URL, anyway
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