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Re: tlug: C-Shell Script

tlug note from Jason Molenda <>

>From Venkatesh RAGHAVAN <>
> E_COORD=`expr \($E-$W\)\*\)\*\($X-1)\)/$COL+$W`
> N_COORD=`expr $N-\(\($N-$S\)\*\($Y-1)/$ROWS\)`

As Paul noted earlier, these are not parsable expressions.

In any case, it looks like expr assigns a different meaning to
parentheses than that of expression grouping.

I normally advise people to not script in csh, but in your case it works
out in your benefit:  csh can do simple math built-in.  Try this:

@ E_COORD = ($E - $W) * ( ($X - 1) / $COL + $W )

(I'm guessing that this is what you meant to write in the first line there.)

See the csh man page for more information about the @ operator.

Nihon Cygnus
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