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tlug: sendmail ritual

tlug note from Yong-Ming Hua <>
Hi, Paul,

     Thanks very much, Paul,

paul>The "Sendmail Installation and Operation Guide" in section 1.3.8 suggests
paul>two methods for creating the initial db.
paul>One is to use the sample provided in the distribution:
paul>cp lib/aliases /etc/aliases
paul>or just create a null db:
paul>cp /dev/null /etc/aliases.dir
paul>cp /dev/null /etc/aliases.pag
paul>then do:
paul>chmod 644 /etc/aliases.*  (or whatever you decide on)
paul>Hope this helps,

Yes, certainly it does.

With Regards,
Yong-Ming Hua 

P.S. A Happy Easter to all of you. 

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