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Re: tlug: sendmail ritual

tlug note from Paul Gampe <>
On Sat, 29 Mar 1997, Yong-Ming Hua wrote:

yhua>     This is Yong-Ming Hua from UEC(university of Electrical

Hi Yong-Ming,

yhua> [snipped] 
yhua>     Do I have to do this every time I make a new
yhua>server with Linux? Is it some kind of ritual? Why doesn't
yhua>the system make dummy aliases file under /etc for us?
yhua>Could anyone give me reasonable answer, please?

Yes you will need to create the aliases db files everytime.  The sendmail
installation does not create these files for you.  Presumely because it is
a policy decision on your part to decide whether to make these world
readable or not.  

The "Sendmail Installation and Operation Guide" in section 1.3.8 suggests
two methods for creating the initial db.

One is to use the sample provided in the distribution:

cp lib/aliases /etc/aliases

or just create a null db:

cp /dev/null /etc/aliases.dir
cp /dev/null /etc/aliases.pag

then do:

chmod 644 /etc/aliases.*  (or whatever you decide on)

Hope this helps,

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