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tlug: Time Sync

tlug note from Jim Tittsler <>
joem writes:
> Does anyone have any ideas on how to time-synchronize a Linux
> box automatically from a known standard, like Universal Time?

Yes, as Paul mentioned NTP is easy to use.  I installed it
from an RPM (in the contrib section of Red Hat's site) and
sync it to my provider every time the IP link comes up.
(My provider seems to be only one hop from one of the
Japanese standard sites.)  The other machines on my home
LAN sync to the gateway machine.

> I've heard that the GPS can be used, but it's expensive.  

Actually, GPS isn't too expensive nowadays.  I bought the Delorme
Tripmate package which includes mapping software (only for the US)
and a small GPS receiver on the end of a 9 pin serial cable.  It
is going for US$149.  I get a constant stream of time (and position :-)
information at 9600 baud.

Jim Tittsler, Tokyo

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