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Re: tlug: About libraries

tlug note from "Chistophe Gimenez" <>

Thanks you for your answer !

> The .a libraries are used when you statically link your
> application. This means that all the code you need to run you
> application is included in the application.  
> The .so files are shared libraries. Applications linked against these
> do not need to include the contents of the library in the program,
> just the name of the library. This makes the program much
> smaller. Since many programs can use the same .so, the system can make
> better use of memory.

Another question : if the .a files are static libs, it means that they are
only used when I compile a source code no ? Thus, I could delete these
files since I never tell the linker to use static libs (as far as I
know...) ?

for example, when I use -lmsql option does it means static or dynamic
linkage ?

I'm using the Linux FT distribution. It's a good one since I've set up a
Web server from trash and I have very little problems with it.
I've upgraded from 1.2.x to 2.0.27 without problems but more I use it and
more I find that there are a lot of directories whose meaning is sometimes
really unclear !
for example I've found the .a files to be in /usr/pkg/gcc/lib and the .so
in /usr/lib or /lib. Not really easy to manage when to upgrade GNU C and/or
you upgrade the libs. I think that I must have incorrect version numbers
for the .a files.
Thus I would like to know what is the "correct" directories structure ? I
only know the one of Linux FT but is it a good one ?

ah ! really hard to explain in English !

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