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Re: tlug: Infrared link for Zaurus etc

tlug note from "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen J Turnbull <> writes:

    Stephen> I recently purchased an infrared link for my Zaurus
    Stephen> (which I have upgraded to the Color Zaurus; +
    Stephen> digicam

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew S Howell <> writes:

    Andrew> I've got one of these as well. Yeah, resolution isn't
    Andrew> great, but you can grab pictures in the oddest
    Andrew> situations...

    Stephen> I'm looking for Linux drivers for the IrDA and ASK IR
    Stephen> links (IrDA for the Color Zaurus, ASK for the old
    Stephen> PI-5000).  Anybody know anything about this?

    Andrew> I've had a hell of a time getting the Sharp IrDA gizmo to
    Andrew> work. The driver seems to be installed OK, but it never
    Andrew> sees anthing from the Zaurus. I ended up getting the
    Andrew> serial connnect for my desktop.

The reason is that the link management process for IrDA is f**ked, I
suspect.  Check out all the "this don't work, that only partly works"
caveats in the Sharp manual; also see Donald Becker's (you don't know
him, maybe, but almost certainly your Ethernet board knows either one
of his drivers on an intimate basis, or its driver is a descendent of
his generic skeleton driver) page

for some caustic comments.

Anyway, you need to export the files using `pasokon-rinku' first; this 
puts them in an upload area.  It is this upload area that Sharp's
PC-side program looks in.

    Andrew> Most likely not. There does not seem to be very much info
    Andrew> on the Color Z. yet. For the old ones, you can write your
    Andrew> own programs etc.

URL!  URL!  URL!  pretty please....


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