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tlug: Tkdic and edict.el

tlug note from "C. Oda" <>

I recently received e-mail from Jens Rasmussen (
who was kind enough to send the following bits of information on
Tkdic and edict.el

    o   version of tkjdic-0.9.1 which he compiled and ran on
	his machine

    o   indication to install Tk 3.6 from the JE distribution.  
	Evidently, Tk 4.0 is incompatible with tkjdic 0.9.1

    o   .emacs additions to get edict.el to work

    o   copy of the edict.el file that he got working

Files and his comments are archived on the linux-nihongo page,
dictionary section:

tkjdic and edict.el are interfaces to Jim Breen's EDICT
Japanese/English dictionary.  Tkjdic supplies a graphical
interface using Tk.  edict.el runs inside of mule or the newer
emacs that has multilingual support.


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