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tlug: How to screw up your new kernel....

tlug note from "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Boy, that was dumb!

Wanted try Samba, and Samba recommends kernel version 2.0.28.  So I
picked up the patches and rebuilt the kernel (2.0.29; no penguin boo
hoo hoo).  Moved a couple of things out of the kernel into modules,
and wouldn't boot.  Hung up before starting init.  OK, sez I, let's
change to the new init, they've stopped supporting the old one.  So I
compile it.

Now it complains about not being able to start /bin/sh or find utmp.
Stranger and stranger.

Aha!  That's it ... I put a.out support in a module!  I only still
have 436 legacy binaries left over from my early Slackware
(1.nantoka!) installation.  Including bash (actually, I rebuilt that
at some point), which of course is linked to /bin/sh.

By the way, in the process I rebuilt bash, which is now up to 2.0.
Bash now supports host completion and variable completion in the
command line.  Also a few bugs were fixed.  And it's bigger (about 35%
:-().  But there is now an autoconfig option to build a minimal bash,
which is not much more than the original Bourne shell.  Dunno how big
that would be, how it would compare to ash or zsh.

BTW, Samba is pretty cool, although I don't think I've got it
configured right!

Tomorrow the Sparc....


                            Stephen J. Turnbull
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