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Re: tlug: SparcLinux Installfest Photos

tlug note from Jim Tittsler <>
-------------------------------------------------------- (John Little) writes:
>    I'm impressed with the photo's. As I recall, your camera didn't
>    have a flash, did it? Is it one of the small Kodak models? Are
>    you using one of your Linux systems to upload the image data? 

Right, I used the Kodak DC-20 which is flashless.  I'm really enjoying
this camera.  It is small, light, and cheap enough (currently selling
for under US$200 in the states) that it is easy enough to carry around
a lot of the time.  Unfortunately, I believe it is being discontinued
in favor of a heavier, larger, but flash and LCD-equipped model... so
it will be just like all the others.  Seems like a mistake, but who
knows.  Having a digital camera with me has changed my photographic
habits.  It is easy to snap a shot or two, and just archive the
"keepers" to a Zip disk.  Nice to be able to crop and filter too.

The camera does reasonably well in a variety of lighting conditions,
and the Windows software supplied with it allows a variety of transforms
that can clean up the pictures.   The resolution is not very high, but
it is fine for a lot of web applications (and for emailing snapshots to
parents :-).

I did find some Linux software for the OEM Chinon version, but I have not
tried it yet.  I do use GIMP (or occasionally xv) to work with some of
the pictures after using Windows to download and color adjust them.

There are more Installfest pictures, in a couple of JPEG qualities, at:

Jim Tittsler, Tokyo
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