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Re: tlug: RH boot freeze

tlug note from Totoro <>
[many very helpful ideas snipped]


Thanks as always for your in-depth assistance! As far as I can recall,
the problem occurred after updating python and slang. I must have some
bad rpm's or something.

After diddling around for awhile on this, I chickened out and just
reintalled. Didn't have anything on that one anyhow, and the apparent
time involved in fixing it didn't seem worthwhile.

>P.S.  This just goes to prove that attending TLUG meetings is good for
>your system's health; *I* went to the TLUG meeting yesterday and
>didn't break one single thing on my system!  In your case (you're in
>Aomori, right?), I guess it would save your system for most of three
>days!  :-P

Good point! I would've loved be there Saturday, but it's quite a
trip for me. If there is another meeting later this month, I'm
going to be in Tokyo from 19-22nd. Should be 4 days when my box
will be safe from me!


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