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Re: tlug: Looking for Meeting place for Saturday Meeting

tlug note from "Andrew S. Howell" <>

    John> (John Little)
    John> -------------------------------------------------------- % %
    John> If anyone wants to suggest a kernel to download, I'll be
    John> glad to grab % it so we're ready to go before the meeting...
    John> %

    John>    The

    John>   The directory
    John>   has all of the security fixes and a more recent kernel than the
    John>   CD-ROM, but the most recent kernel snapshot is on vger:-


    John>			.../vmlinux-2.0-961222.gz
    John>			.../
    John>			.../modules-2.0-961222.tar.gz

    John>   Both the updates directory and these kernel update files would
    John>   be useful, if you have the diskspace.

Their on their way.... Should be done by the time everyone arrives :)

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