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tlug: Linux and Japanese

tlug note from john wood <>
	I got some mail from some guys at the TLUG, thanks.
I was reading your Email seciton on the webpage, did a bit of thinking, 
and I think I've figured out a better way of doing this.  But, I need
you to help me on one thing.  I cannot figure out how to get the
backspace and delete keys to work in Kterm while using JVIM. Therefore
deleting a character becomes impossible in JVIM. Ouch.  Also, I think
that Kterm sets the keyboard a bit funny since the @ key doesn't work
either, in fact it sends a carriage return.  If I can fix both of these
I think my theory will work. 

1) You can do ALL of your email in Pine, after you set the editor to 
JVIM as long as you are running Pine in a Kterm. Works pretty good.
That would eliminate the need for you to write email in Emacs or 
something crazy like that, then import into Pine.  It would also
work in ELM if I could figure out how ELM displays messages and set
it to the same way that Pine does.

2) You can do ALL of your email in X. Yup, thats right, its possible
if we can get Xedit to accept Japanese characters (which I had working
at one time).  To do this, what you would need is a GUI mail proggy
for X (there are tons of them) that will allow you to either select
your own, or run an external editor.  If this is possible (in say UMT
or any other GUI mailer) then all the user would need running is kinput2
and the xim to handle the character input. Im not sure what will happen
as far as reading the mail X, but as some GUI mailer do, the text can
be not only edited, but read with Xedit.

Sounds a bit far fetched, but if you can tell me how to fix the stuff
in #1, I think that Abe-san will remember how he got Xedit to accept
Japanese characters.  If this all works, Japanese in X and shell Linux
will be a whole lot easier and less troublesome.


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