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Re: tlug: Looking for Japanese regex routine

tlug note from "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Sorry about the contentless message I just posted, mh-rmail's send
keystroke is C-c C-c and Supercite's cite-region keystroke is
C-c C-p c....

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Gampe <> writes:

    Paul> On Mon, 27 Jan 1997, Ken Schwarz wrote:

    kls> Can someone point me to source for a Japanese regular
    kls> expression processor?  What I have in mind is a function
    kls> which takes a pattern string and target string and returns
    kls> true or false depending on the match.

    Paul> Do know if this will help you, but we use perl 5.003 with
    Paul> Japanese extensions to do this. Check out the following url
    Paul> for the source locations of perl and japanese patches:


This is useful information.

Also, there is the source for Mule, there are jgawk patches (I don't
use them, I don't know how old); look in the JE distribution.

Finally, there are a few routines for a jgrep by Ken Lunde of Japanese 
Information Processing fame.  Whatever you end up using, I recommend
getting these because they are well-commented.  You can get these from

(I don't remember where the originals are ... probably anywhere OReilly 
examples can be found.)  That file also includes binaries I made as
well as his jconv and jcode utilities, plus routines for handling Unicode.

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