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Re: Wnn / Xwnmo / mule-19.33-delta woes

>>>>> "C" == C Oda <> writes:

    C> On Tue, 21 Jan 1997, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
    turnbull> Xwnmo = a "shim" FEP that uses XIM to communicate with
    turnbull> Emacs (or [...]  The issue then is whether Canna uses a
    turnbull> patched Mule/Emacs or if [...]

    C> remember that there was a patch for Canna to use uum from the
    C> command line as well...  I think.

This is a standard feature of Canna.

    C> Usually I just stay inside of Mule, so I don't need to input
    C> Kanji outside of Mule.  When I do venture to the command line,
    C> I use kinput2.

Hmm, I always used a patched Mule; I just looked at the man page for
kinput2 and they say it supports XIM to talk to the client and can use 
Canna as a backend.  This is probably exactly what I've been looking

    C> Does Xwnmo have the Kanji selection window like kinput2?

I haven't got it to work yet; I suspect that it is just
"uum-in-a-different-window"; it even uses the uumkey file and so on.

An hour later:
Well, I've tried kinput2, and it just doesn't work with -xim.  If you
turn off kinput protocols and turn on XIM, even kterm can't talk to

		 kinput2 +kinput -xim & kterm -xim &

produces a hung kterm, and apparently eventually a coredump from
kinput2 (I'm not sure that's what caused it, but I got one).


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