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Re: Mule delta and FEPs

On Mon, 20 Jan 1997, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

turnbull>I've got Mule-19.33-delta mostly working (I can't be 100% sure because 
turnbull>my /usr partition can't absorb yet another version of emacs, so I'm
turnbull>working out of the source tree and not loading site-lisp/ etc).

Stephen, I'm using the binaries from the Debian-JP project for mule-canna
19.34.  This is from the unstable Debian-JP 1.3 package.  I think
there is also source there which might help you do the install.  I've
also got the Wnn working from Debian-JP 1.3 package.

turnbull>will be using (or it will after a couple of versions when it gets
turnbull>integrated into the regular Emacs source tree at the FSF), and that

Yea, there is no reference to mule.  I have to type emacs instead of
mule now.  The fingers have to readjust. 

turnbull>The disadvantage (as you've probably guessed) is the FEP.  I have not
turnbull>been able to get Wnn to work under the XIM protocol (see previous
turnbull>post), and Canna apparently doesn't support XIM at all.  What you can

I'm not sure what the XIM protocol is.  Could you give more information
on it's functionality?

turnbull>fairly consistent user interface.  Unfortunately, it doesn't do
turnbull>bunsetsu very well.  If you can handle typing "koreha" RET "nihongo"
turnbull>SPC C-f SPC RET "desu."  to get 「これは日本語です。」 you'll do fine.
turnbull>It will take a bit of practiceto convert from the convenience of Wnn
turnbull>or Canna though.

Again, if you don't mind using pre-compiled binaries, I would look
at Debian-JP.  Or look through the source for hints.  The Canna files
were pretty straightforward to setup after I read the hints in the
document.  Debian does a nice install of docs in /usr/doc

I use mule (now emacs) a lot and have both Wnn and Canna working.
Canna is 19.34.  I don't have the expertise to compile this type
of thing from source.  However, I can send you a working set of
resource files if you tell me what you need.


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