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Re: How to use a CD-R?

In article <>,
"A.Tomita,Jr." <> wrote:
>I'm trying to use cdwrite-2.0, but its documentation says only
>Philips, Yamaha and HP drives are supported.

I started with cdwrite-2.0 and added the commands necessary to control
my Creative CDR2000.  Most of the subroutines that communicate with
the drive contain switch statements for each drive, so *if* you know
the drive's command set, it is straightforward to add support for your

Fortunately, with the "Multimedia Command Set" *finally* reaching
stability, this problem will go away in the next generation.  Not
that it helps you much.  :-)  Actually, if your Panasonic drive is
recent enough, it may come close enough to compliance to not cause
any problems.  You can find the latest draft MMC spec at

>And what is the procedure to write a CD-ROM, anyway?

cdwrite is designed to copy an ISO9660 filesystem image to the CD-R.
You can create an ISO with mkisofs.  mkisofs will allow you to create
the image as either a (large) file or on a raw hard disk partition.
The later has performance advantages if your disk is badly fragmented.
I also like to create the "master" on a raw hard disk partition, and
then mount it just like a CD-ROM to double-check that the structure
is the way I want it before burning the CD-R copy.

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