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Re: Laptops n'stuff

% > Sorry, the "silent answer" part of your first query didn't click.  I took

   Last night I took a look at the Supra manuals and discovered that
   "SilentAnswer" and "SilentAnswer Plus" only work in conjunction with
   an answering machine for the model I have. That is, the answering
   machine actually answers the call and then the modem snoops to check
   whether it is FAX, voice or data. If it's FAX or data the modem then
   does the equivalent of "picking up another extension", which stops
   the answering machine and gives the modem control of the line.

% If Jim Tittsler wants my opinion on ISDN, just do it!  Double the
% channels and double the thrills.  

   Yup! Even better if you set up call-back and have the office pick
   up the bills.  :-)  Actually, I should say "the bulk of the bills"
   here, as you'll find that NTT still bill you for the .007 of a second
   which the ISDN line uses to negotiate the call-back protocol. Crazy,
   but true!


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