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Re: Laptops n'stuff

> Sorry, the "silent answer" part of your first query didn't click.  I took
> the easy way out and got a second line which is dedicated to my fax/data
> use.  (I keep thinking I should convert the two analog lines to an ISDN
> line, but have been quite successful at procrastinating in making that
> move.)

> I would *guess* that you could have your mgetty configuration look for
> an additional magic string that identifies the call type and synthesize
> a local ring signal for a voice call... but its only a guess.

Just another voice to say that I don't have the answer either.
However, I do have ISDN at home which can distinguish between
voice and data calls.  It also knows the phone number of the
digital signal dialing in so you could make it only answer your office
number if your office has ISDN.  The router I'm using will
even drop down to a single channel if a voice call comes in while
using both B channels.  At least, this is what the instruction
manual says it will do.. ;-)

If Jim Tittsler wants my opinion on ISDN, just do it!  Double the
channels and double the thrills.  

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