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Thank you Linux

Hi all,

Bear with me on this one, and you'll see why this is Linux related.

It's been about a year since I picked up my first copy of Slackware, 
put the CD in the drive and tried to install a reasonably working 
system. As most of you were painfully aware at the beginning, I had 
no clue what I was doing, and some of you probably got pretty 
frustrated with me.

You'll recall last week I was really ticked off at my service 
provider. At issue was file permissions and my inability to use 
chmod. I was also peeved that they wouldn't install CGIWrap so I 
couldn't muck around with Perl scripts on my family web page without 
having to ask the sysop to install an updated script each time I made 
a change.

Well, yesterday I was able to sit down with the sysop, show him how 
to compile and install CGIWrap, demonstrate why it's a great program 
and make the program available to the rest of the user community.

So, at the end of 1996, I want to say thank you to Linux and Thank 
You to the Linux community! I couldn't have done THAT without both.

Thanks for all your help in 1996 and may your 1997 be much better - 
(it has to be, you won't have nearly as many newbie questions from 
me ;-) Now, I have this friend.......<grin> 

Jim S.

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