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Re[2]: Am I unreasonable?

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>On the other hand, if you're really talking about your home directory
>on a shell account, I wouldn't bother asking them why they do it, I
>would just switch providers, unless you're happy with a email and Web
>publishing account.
>                            Stephen J. Turnbull
>Institute of Policy and Planning Sciences                    Yaseppochi-Gumi
>University of Tsukuba            
>Tel: +81 (298) 53-5091;  Fax: 55-3849    

A little bit off topic, but can you recommend any reasonably priced IP's 
around/near Tsukuba?  You won't believe how long it takes from here (Tokodai) 
just to access your web page.  Apparently, ALL of our internet connections from 
the office go straight across the WAN to the US office and emerge there, and end
up fending for themselves back across the Pacific.  Not the ideal setup for 
accessing "local" sites.

(On the topic of "fending across the pacific", I'm STILL waiting for my 
computers I sent sea mail to arrive.  I'm starting to convince myself that 
they've been pirated the old fashioned way...)  When they do come, I'm sure I'll
have some of my pending Linux/JE setup problems to add to your fun... 

Thanks (and hajimemashite),

Craig Olinsky

Intel Japan, K.K.
5-6 Tokodai, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki-ken 300-26 (ASCII) (JAPANESE TEXT)

-"not speaking for Intel"

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